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What should I know about Air Duct Cleaning?

Air ducts do need to be cleaned occasionally, but over cleaning them is not advisable. For example, it is usually more advisable to get air ducts cleaned in a household in which someone suffers from any type of allergies, or if one can spot large deposits of dust or mold in the air ducts.

air duct cleaningEven if one spots dust in the return registers, this is not usually indicative that air ducts are contaminated. One can just as easily (and more efficiently probably) vacuum the registers to remove them of the dust and debris. It is very important however, that should one decide to have their air ducts cleaned, that the proper professional company is contacted.

Failure to call in the right experts could cause unnecessary damage to ducts or heating and cooling systems, which could lead to an increase in heating and air conditioning bills at best, or cause expensive repairs and replacements at worst.

When Should I Clean My Air Ducts?

One only needs to clean their air ducts if the following conditions apply:

  1. One can see the mold growth in the ducts or on the heating/cooling systems. This is not always so easy however as much of the systems are not easily accessible for a visible inspection so one should ask their service providers to point out the mold that they claim exists. As well, even though one may think they are looking at mold, it is hard for the untrained eye to make this determination, so it might be worth sending it off for a laboratory analysis for confirmation at a cost of approximately $50.
  2. One should be aware that any kind of damp or mold on the insulation of air ducts actually cannot be cleaned - unfortunately in this case, a replacement air duct is required.
  3. Where there is mold growth, this has to be dealt with otherwise it is likely to recur.
  4. A cleaning is required if the ducts are found to be infested with vermin (any kind of rodents or insects) or they are clogged with a ton of dust and debris and/or particles.

As well, one might also like to consider that there has never been proven studies to show that air duct cleaning can prevent health problems or dust levels increase due to dirty air ducts. Living with minimal household dust in air ducts certainly does not pose a risk to one's health. What might increase efficiency of air conditioning and cooling systems is cleaning dirty cooling coils, fans and heat exchangers as opposed to duct systems.

Hiring Air Duct Cleaning Professionals

In conclusion, it is thus always advisable to contact highly recommended professionals that you feel you can trust to ask their experts to analyze whether or not your ducts require a cleaning. Always feel free and confident to ask them as many questions as you like before you commit to their service and if they hold back, they might not be the company with which you want to conduct your business. Look for honesty, reliability and a company with morals before you get your ducts cleaned.

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