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You probably originally purchased your rugs because you envisioned them in one of your rooms, brightening it up and even keeping it warm. You unlikely considered how they would look after a few years of wear and tear, or even after some months of not being cleaned properly. Well, unfortunately, life has a funny way of showing us just how much we need to do to maintain our standards. One of which is what we see happens to our rugs. And cleaning them - properly - is not as easy as we might have thought either.

Oriental Rug Cleaning

rug cleaningWhat happens to those really priceless oriental rugs you bought that at the time you saw as potential family heirlooms? They need to be cared for as well, and probably with more expert gentle attention than other standard rugs. So just taking a vacuum to them won't necessarily do the trick. But to just leave them is a real shame since they are probably unrecognizable after some time, also a vacuum will not remove stains from your rugs.

There is no choice - they simply have to be cleaned, and doing so professionally is probably the best way to deal with them. Besides, you no doubt invested a fortune of money on them when you bought them, so why throw that money away now by not taking care of them?

Rather than attempt this undertaking yourself, it might be advisable to call in the experts at 602-412-3961. Top experts are exactly what you will find when you contact Phoenix Carpet Cleaning, our team of trained professionals has spent a significant amount of time researching what fabrics go in to the creation and manufacture of all different types of rugs.

Rug Cleaning Process

As a result, any carpet cleaner who comes from us will immediately know what specific products need to be used for each individual rug. This is extremely important, because even a hint of the wrong type of cleaning product on these oriental rugs could ruin them for life. So that is why we make it our business to assess each rug thoroughly before we begin our work on it.

What makes Phoenix Carpet Cleaning so special? What do we do? First, we use a special heated cleaning solution. Next we engage in a deep cleaning using a powerful vacuum. This results in extremely clean and fresh rugs. And in every case we undertake, we make sure that we are using only the gentlest products on your rugs, as the need arises. We refuse to take any risks when it comes to your precious, expensive rugs.

For your added convenience, we can provide a free pick up service whereby we collect your rugs from your home and take them to our plant where we clean them, and then return them to you. All this is of no added cost; we just do it so that we cause the minimum inconvenience possible to you, our valued client.

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