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Here you'd be able to find the latest on topic suggestions and notes about anything and everything in the carpet cleaning realm. We at Phoenix Carpet Cleaning have come across a lot of cleaning problems over the years and we wish to share our knowledge with you. Learn about new cleaning techniques, prevention processes, day to day maintenance and what you can do on your own to get the most out of any cleaning. Read on and enjoy.

Carpet Health
Carpeting adds warmth and elegance to a home. It is often used to enhance or protect other floor coverings, such as wood, marble or tile. Mismanaging the treatment of your carpet - over cleaning, under cleaning or incorrect cleaning, can shorten carpet life, compound health problems for asthma and allergy sufferers and lead to a mixed bag of health issues. Read full article...»

Getting Rid of Smoke Odors in Upholstery
Nobody likes the smell of smoke on their furniture, upholstery or clothing, even smokers themselves! The problem with smoke odors as well is that they can linger somewhat chronically. As a result, many methods are tried in an effort to remove such unpleasant odors. First, one may try to Read full article...»

The Wool Carpet - A Legend in its Time
Wool carpets can make a very good choice for anyone interested in purchasing carpets for a number of reasons. First, the texture of the wool enables it to not suffer from crushing and it can also resist soiling and thus cleans more easily. So for those looking for easier Read full article...»

Carpet Cleaning - Household Practices
When it comes to cleaning carpets by yourself with general household products, there are a number of logical steps one should take. First, all windows should be opened and fans should be ignited; it is important to get as much air circulating the room while using cleaning products as possible. The carpet should be vacuumed Read full article...»

How should I clean my wicker furniture?
Although it may look like outside furniture, wicker is not. As in, wicker has the appearance of being outside furniture, but when it comes to how it is treated and cared for, one must not think that it can handle and benefit from the same elements that real outdoor furniture can, such as rain, wind and Read full article...»

What should I know about Air Duct Cleaning?
Air ducts do need to be cleaned once in a while, but over cleaning them is not advisable. For example, it is usually more advisable to get air ducts cleaned in a household in which someone suffers from any type of allergies, or if one can spot large deposits of dust or mold in the air ducts. Indeed, even Read full article...»

My Area rug got stains on it, what can I do to clean it?
There are a lot of different ways one can clean Area rugs. First, to maintain a general sense of cleanliness on area rugs, one should constantly be vacuuming to get rid of all sorts of dirt (including oil, residue and just general foot traffic). One should be careful when trying to remove stains from area rugs with looped Read full article...»

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