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hardwood floor refinishingIf you want to take care of your wood floors and restore them to their original glory, without losing any of their rustic appeal, you might want to contact - Phoenix Carpet Cleaning - wood floor cleaning team at 602-412-3961.

Everybody loves the rustic feel that is inherent to wood floors. That is one of the most attractive qualities of wood floors. However, most people also recognize the difference between rustic and dirty. Once wood floors start to get an added layer of dirt to them, the rustic look all but disappears because it's being concealed behind too much dirt!

Specialized Wood Floor Refinishing Service

We pride ourselves in specializing in the thorough cleaning and refinishing of all types of wood floors. We make sure that your tile and grout are thoroughly clean, and that they have not lost their rustic feel that you fell in love with when you purchased them.

You might be curious as to how we achieve this. Since Phoenix Carpet Cleaning wood floor cleaning technicians uses only state of the art equipment (along with only the top qualified, experienced and efficient staff to apply the equipment), all wood floors which we treat come out looking as good as they did on the same day of purchase.

How We Clean Your Wood Floors

Depending on the specific wood used in the floors and the state they are in, our methods include:

  • Sanding
  • Applying filler
  • Sealing
  • Finishing
  • Waxing
  • Polishing

Leaving your floors in your home and office free of the stains that never helped the rustic look, but just made them look dirty.

We only uses products and methods that will remove all sorts of everyday stains from your wood floors, such as: coffee, ink, tar, scuff marks, grease, etc.

Phoenix Carpet Cleaning engages in this thorough cleaning, our materials are only the top quality and environmentally friendly, we will not be polluting your home in the process. So if you want the best in wood floor cleaning, call 602-412-3961 today for a free price estimate on what our company can do for you.

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