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The Wool Carpet - A Legend in its Time

Wool carpets can make a very good choice for anyone interested in purchasing carpets for a number of reasons. First, the texture of the wool enables it to not suffer from crushing and it can also resist soiling and thus cleans more easily. So for those looking for easier to maintain carpets, it is a good idea to look in to wool carpets. Wool carpets have a unique fiber construction which manages to resist flames well and has high durability. As a result, it retains its good appearance for many years.rug cleaning

As well, wool is soil-resistant, releasing soil up to 25 percent more easily than their synthetic fiber counterparts. Outer layers of the wool fiber have a finely waxed surface with overlapping scales. This keeps soil in the upper area of the t, where it is easily removed. In addition, the wool fiber has a protective membrane on the cuticle which prevents water from readily penetrating the individual wool fibers. This also allows the fiber to absorb moisture in vapor form.

In addition, wool can absorb up to a third of its weight in moisture without it becoming damp which in turn makes it resistant to static electricity. This is because the water vapors that seep through the cuticle pores bond with amino acids in the cortex which is most of the fiber. Since wool is very moisture absorbent, it can more easily recover from any pressure marks. Its dense moisture content and protein constituents provide natural flame resistance as well.

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