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How Should I Clean My Wicker Furniture?

Although it may look like outside furniture, wicker furniture are not. As in, wicker has the appearance of being outside furniture, but when it comes to how it is treated and cared for, one must not think that it can handle and benefit from the same elements that real outdoor furniture can, such as rain, wind and moisture. Humidity can be beneficial to wicker, but too much heat can dry it out. This is quite evident when one hears a cracking sound when sitting on it.

furniture cleaningWicker furniture should be cleaned by using a soft cloth or vacuum. Should the wicker encounter any stains however, one can remove these by using the following mixture: mild dish washing liquid with 1 tablespoon per gallon of water. This should be applied to the affected area gently.

How Often Should I Clean My Wicker Furniture?

The furniture should be cleaned every few weeks for best results. Vacuuming is good, or hand dusting, followed by clear water rinse to remove any suds. Furniture that is made of 100% wicker should be cleaned thoroughly at least once a year. Painted wicker furniture should not be soaked in water as it could damage the paint so a mild soapy water and sponge, to dab lightly, should be applied.

For real wood based wicker furniture, wood furniture cleaning methods should be used. Remember, following any wicker furniture cleaning, a period of time should lapse before one sits on it as this could cause shape distortion.

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