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Getting Rid of Smoke Odors in Upholstery

mold removalNobody likes the smell of smoke on their furniture, upholstery or clothing, even smokers themselves! The problem with smoke odors as well is that they can linger somewhat chronically. As a result, many methods are tried in an effort to remove such unpleasant odors. First, one may try to wash these items or perhaps use an odor remover they found in the store. Once the odor has been successfully removed, one may try putting a small container of vinegar in the room to maintain the fresh smell you have established. But of course the odor will return once the smokers start engaging in their habit again. In such a case like this, what can be very helpful is keeping candles burning in the room in which they are smoking while they are smoking. As well, if ashtrays are covered with baking soda, that can be helpful too. And since fresh air is often a great deterrent, try keeping windows open as much as possible. Fans could help too.

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